Infocall is a full service Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company providing a broad range of BPO solutions supported by our multilingual culture, Our work friendly eviroment promotes personal and professional growth keeping our employees engagded and motivated, maintaining a positive edge which is reflected in every interaction Whatever is the nature of your business we offer workable and customizable services that will allow you to focus on your core scope while your customers are being pampered.

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Lead Generation

WONDERING HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR COMPANIES OUTREACH? Infocall can assist your company improve your outreach by assisting in Lead geraration. Using cutting edge front end technologies , developing stratigic calling scripts , analyzing conversion metrics with the use of customizable CRM to by pass the Gatekeeper and get in touch with the people you need to!  

Sales Agent Profile - Talent acquisition

Infocall focuses on finding, attracting, hiring, growing, and retaining top talents inside our organization.  

AI Technology

 With the use of cutting edge front end technologies , we create stratigic calling scripts, analyze conversion metrics and get you intouch with your target group!
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